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Newly founded in 2012, OZED Company is creating eyewear of a distinctly fresh variety. Ozed is above all a state of mind. Original and unique, Ozed’s essence derives from the world of today, where everyone needs to live and consume responsibly. We draw inspiration from music, art and our love of design, as an independent brand with plenty of room for creativity. We choose to work with original, noble materials and revisit timeless styles but also innovate, driven by a love of style and beautiful products. Our mission is to develop and distribute unique, high-quality glasses for free spirits who share our values and our passion. Our wood-framed designs are produced responsibly and considerately, following the principles of sustainable development. After years of developing sunglasses, long discussions with our optician partners and many nights spent working late, we’re pleased to bring you the first Ozed Optic line. This collection embraces all the possibilities of wood, left untreated or assembled for a varied range of designs that’s sure to delight all you free spirits out there!



For a simple yet effective way to change your lenses, Ozed brings you UNLOCK TECHNOLOGY™. Two 8-point hex head micro-screws specially designed by Ozed are placed on the top part of the hinge. A metal screw thread inserted in the bottom part completes the UNLOCK™ system. This allows you to “open” the face and change the existing lenses without any force. This unique “hooping” procedure used for the wood also strengthens the frame by reducing the tension placed on the frame by the lenses, and prevents breakages when fitting the lenses.


Unlcok TechThis process is simple. Unscrew the frame hinges to release the lenses from the rim, then position the new lens in the face. The V-shaped recess guides the lens into optimal positioning. Tighten the frame and you are done.


Ozed has further pushed the boundaries of wood-framed glasses manufacturing. Our MULTI LAYERS TECHNOLOGY™ construction process gives you the most resistant wood-framed glasses on the market whilst retaining a refined finish.


Multi Layers

Our wood is now treated in baths, enabling the product to be worked in a more detailed and flexible manner. The MULTI LAYERS TECHNOLOGY™ manufacturing process bonds multiple layers of solid wood together. As with our Acetate, we produce our own multi-layer wood panels and thus control the entire frame-making process from A to Z. By alternating layers of horizontal and vertical wood fibres, the strength of the frame is greatly increased. What’s more, this unique manufacturing process enables us to integrate nose pads into our layers, so there is no need to glue on any extraneous parts. This technology means that we can work with various types of noble and exotic wood that were previously too fragile. We can play with different wood stains to create subtle colour effects, and even produce bi-colour frames (inside/outside). MULTI LAYERS TECHNOLOGY™ gives an unrivalled finish to the wood. The frames are more refined and understated, bringing you the sophistication you deserve!

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gamme optic


The very essence of Ozed lies in using noble materials, especially wood, which is our central focus: a natural touch to enhance the beauty of your gaze. Yet we also work with combinations of materials to offer you the widest possible range of designs.

Our woods: With the aim of preserving biodiversity and replenishing our natural resources, all the woods we use to make our glasses are certified eco-friendly. They are selected from authorised, carefully managed forests to avoid clearcutting and help protect wildlife from deforestation.

Our Acetate: This paste made from cotton fibres and alcohol is laminated, heated and compressed before being formed into plain or decorated panels. Cellulose acetate is an eco-friendly material. Our acetate frames are handmade, giving them their artisan look, high quality and precise finish. This material and the way it is shaped give each frame its own distinctive look; the finish creates exceptional glasses. At Ozed, we therefore make our own acetate: by producing our panels ourselves, we can give free rein to our imagination! Our cellulose acetate panels are coloured, stuck together and then heated, welded, cut, filed, softened and polished, before being assembled with our wood frames. It takes between 10 and 30 hours of work to make a pair of acetate glasses, depending on how complex the colours are.

Our Metals: All our metals are worked in an original manner, either brushed, painted or a combination of the two.



lunette c

// Carpenter Collection

Woodwork in its purest form. A unique piece of wood for a unique pair of glasses.

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Lunettes Maestro

// Maestro Collection

Successive layers of wood for detailed, sophisticated frames. The ulimate glasses.

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Lunettes Alchemist

// Alchemist Collection

A subtle blend of wood and Acetate that allows more options for an original look.

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Lunettes Blacksmith

// Blacksmith Collection

A delicate alliance of wood & metal. A perfect fusion of metallic rigour and natural softness.

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